LADYHUNTERXO is an editorialised e-commerce platform for curate, pre-loved, high-end luxury clothing, handbags and footwear’. And in November this year, we worked together to shoot their latest collection of vintage goods.

I made my way to the borough of Hackney pretty early on the morning of November 9th, getting lost multiple times and tripping over my kit constantly in the process. I finally got to the right location, Arch 5.

Little did I know I was traipsing all around the UK (slightly dramatic maybe but that’s what it felt like) when this quirky pop up was right underneath the train tracks the whole time. We knew instantly we were going to get some really cool shots, Arch 5 was the perfect location for the edgy, ‘old but new’ look we wanted to create!

We agreed on two different makeup looks for the model. The first one being more natural, we didn’t want anything that could potentially take over from some of the very ‘out there’, crazy patterned clothes in the collection. The second was green eyeshadow, nude lip. I had so much fun with this one; the eyeshadow really bought out the models eyes and pulled the whole look together. I kept her hair the same throughout, loose wavy curls.

We started wrapping up the shoot about 3pm. After countless poses, outfit changes and makeup touch ups, the job was pretty much well done. We managed to get through every last item, from Chanel jackets to Jimmy Choo shoes.

Keep an eye out for the new collection to drop on their website: here.

Thanks for reading!

Ella X