Fraser Hart is one of the UK’s leading jewellers with 40 shops nationwide” The Company began trading in 1936 when founder Fred Hill set up a jewellery shop in Glasgow. The brand specialise in a wide range of luxurious jewellery including necklaces, bracelets, pendants, rings and earrings.

On Friday 20th April, I set off to shoot their latest campaign showcasing the newest range of wedding jewellery. I left my home in Buckinghamshire to arrive in Guildford at 10am that morning, when I reached the shoot location I was greeted by Nick, the photographer. Shortly followed Matt- the art director, Georgia- the model and Arton- the stylist. We had some time to chat and get to know one another before the marketing manager from Fraser Hart arrived.

Everyone had their own duties to get on with while I began the hair and makeup with Georgia. We agreed on two different hairstyles for the model, I started with the hair down, loose wavy curls. To then change to a romantic, relaxed hair up later on in the day. For makeup, I created a typical bridal look. Soft browns, with slight shimmer on the eye with lashes and fresh, glowing skin. Georgia looked gorgeous and she was ready get on set.

We began the shoot, mainly focusing on the Fraser Hart engagement rings. There were a few different styles, and some of them had matching pendants. They were all absolutely beautiful.

We arranged to shoot the second half in Guildford town centre, around 4 o’clock we all made our way over so we could make it in time for the ‘Golden Hour’, this is to catch the good lighting just when the sun is setting. We had a really great day for this as it was 27 degrees all day and the sun was shining bright into the early evening.

The shoot came to a close when the sun had completely vanished, which was around 8 o’clock. Pretty unusual for an April evening in England right? We all packed up and said our goodbyes.

The campaign has now launched in 7 stores nationwide. Check it out here.

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