So I know I may be a little behind writing a Christmas blog in JANUARY… but I wanted to tell you guys all about this years Google Christmas party, because as per usual and to be expected, it was AMAZING! I hope everyone had the most wonderful Christmas, and wish you all the best 2020!

Google alwaaaaays host the best parties, whether it is a summer party, or a winter party. This years Christmas party was hosted at a new venue called Magazine in North Greenwich. The whole space was hired out, and it is HUGE… so there was A LOT going on.

The theme for this year was winter wonderland, and that is exactly how it felt when you walked in. Countless cabin bars, little winter market set ups, snowy Christmas trees and even replica ski lifts above you. I felt like I had just stepped into Winter Wonderland at Hyde Park! (Maybe just a slightly warmer version).

As you walked into the first room were the bars (serving a typical winter cocktail of course), The Gypsy Shrine set up and multiple photo opportunities… because if you didn’t get it on camera it didn’t happen right? This led onto the second and biggest room, FULL of all the food stalls serving anything from buffalo fried chicken burgers to spicy fish curry. This room also had massive bar in the middle with the dance floor at the front and DJ.

There were then 2 more rooms upstairs, the first being the games room. This had arcade dance machines, air hockey, ping pong you name it! The second room was THE SILENT DISCO… Which in my opinion was the best of them all! The party went on until about 1 o’clock in the morning so by this time I was well and truly ready for bed, its safe to say Google never disappoint.

Thanks for reading!

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Ella X