Bethan Painter is a Liverpool based Makeup Artist, she is ALLLL about the full glam looks and I absolutely love the work she creates. I have been following her for a while now and have always wanted to take a trip to Liverpool to meet her and learn from the best. Her style of work is a lot different to mine so I was super excited to learn some new tips and tricks!

I had never been to Liverpool before, so I thought it would be nice to make a weekend out of it with my bestie (my mum). We set off on the Friday and after a 7 hour, YES 7 HOUR car journey… we made it to the hotel. Luckily we didn’t arrive too late so we checked in, got ourselves ready and head straight off for a mooch around the town to find somewhere to eat.

My lesson with Beth was at 9am on the Saturday. We had decided to create two full looks; one colour cut crease glam. And the other a more subtle glowy glam. The first look took a little longer as this was a lot more intricate and detailed. We went for pinks/purples for the crease cut with a shimmer and a blue along the lower lash line. The second look was a brown smoke on the eyes with gold pigment on the lid.

Beth made it so easy to learn from her, she went at a pace of which I was happy with and was open to answering any questions along the way. She worked on one side of the face step by step, as I completed the other half.

Overall I was at the studio for about 5 hours. I was SO happy with how each look turned out and I came away feeling a lot more confident creating the looks I wouldn’t usually go for. I think it’s important to keep up to date and constantly trial different ways in which other people apply makeup, there’s no right or wrong!

To see the full looks I created at this lesson, take a look at my Instagram. Be sure to check out Beths page too to see what she’s all about.

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Ella X