On the weekend of the 8th June I packed my bags and set off for a weekend in Manchester to work at Parklife Festival in Heaton Park. I endured a horrific 4-hour train journey and finally made it to Manchester Piccadilly at 7.30pm. Thankfully, I was booked into a hotel for the first night before spending two nights camping at the festival. Now obviously I made the most of this opportunity and ordered myself a takeaway Nando’s whilst I sat with a facemask on enjoying Love Island!

I woke up Saturday morning feeling fresh and ready to start the day! (Kind of). Although my positive energy didn’t last long, I arrived at the festival at 9am and queued for about 2 hours until I finally made it into the grounds. I met up with my fellow Gypsy Shrine girls before we all head over to our set up in the VIP area.

For this weekend we were collaborating with Pretty Little Thing, one of the worlds largest online retailers. We were invited by PLT to “Gypsy Shrine” everyone attending their set up in VIP, this was aimed primarily at bloggers/influencers but members of the public were invited too. This was such an exciting project for us and we couldn’t wait to see the set up. It’s safe to say we were NOT disappointed. You could not walk into the VIP area without noticing a pink double decker bus with Pretty Little Thing written across it. In front of that, was a large patch of PINK grass; tons of comfy beanbags, an unlimited pick ‘n’ mix buffet and a slush puppy machine. I mean??????? It was simply amazing.

We were set up here from 11-7 Saturday and Sunday and we honestly enjoyed every second. We were non-stop from the minute we opened and had a queue the whole day. We met some wonderful people and listened to some great music throughout.

Finishing at 7 meant we still had the chance to enjoy the festival ourselves. We managed to catch some incredible acts such as Liam Gallagher, The XX and Nerd. Naturally I indulged in all the festi foods and we ended our last night on the Ferris wheel.

Monday morning came and the only thing left to do was take down The Gypsy Shrine tent, this took us 4 HOURS!!! But it was worth it. I had a fabulous weekend with good vibes, good music and good people. Although I was looking forward to getting home, having a shower and a solid night sleep.

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Ella X