So I have spent some time researching what will be hot and what will not for the year ahead. Some of these you may find hard to believe.. But only time will tell, right? Proof is in the pudding!

Golden Goddess

The natural golden glow is a thing of the past, since Rihanna launched her makeup range ‘Fenty’ in September last year, the prominent yellow gold look has never been so popular. This metallic highlight is by no means subtle, though surprisingly elegant.

Rounded Eyeliner

For the ones who struggle with the precision of sharp, winged eyeliner, this might be good for you. Rounded eyeliner was the main look for the models showcasing Tom Ford’s Spring/Summer 2018 collection and has been very popular with professional makeup artists since. The jury is out for me on this one.

Coloured Corners

It’s no secret that highlighting the inner corner of your eyes can really make a difference. However, we’ve got so used to applying subtle colours such as champagne or pearl and left the more exciting ones behind. Recently a few celebrities have been rocking this look on the red carpet, and I’m loving it. Try pink, blue or orange to add a pop of colour.

Black and BOLD

When I was at school, I would coat both the top and bottom lash line in black liner, making my eyes look 20x smaller than what they already were, but thinking I looked 10/10 (I can assure I did not). Well, its back. Only this time it’s slightly more dramatic, a thick border around the eye with a winged effect had a big part to play in a lot of runway shows.

Spider Lashes

Twiggy inspired lashes are making a return. Long, thick eyelashes were a big trend on the runway during Christian Dior Spring 2018 show. The models had the wide eyes with natural, fresh skin. Who would have thought clumpy lashes would ever come back in fashion?

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