Airtasker is an Australian company, which provides an online and mobile marketplace enabling users to outsource everyday tasks. Users describe the task and indicate a budget. Community members can then bid to complete the task.

A few months ago I was asked to work alongside Airtasker and photographer Hugo Pettit for their latest campaign. This was a really exciting job for me as I knew that the final images from the day would then be used and broadcast all over London Underground stations!

We had three different final images that we needed to complete by the end of the day. Our first location was in an apartment in Clapham. Here we were shooting the builder scene, which on my side, involved male grooming. It was really interesting to see the full set come together… on the surface; this would look like a really simple effortless set. However, a lot of work and attention to detail went into making this look realistic. For example, making sure the sawdust was only in the places that it would naturally fall when working, making sure nothing looked too staged or false. Everything had its place and it all needed close attention.

Moving on from Clapham, we arrived at our next and final location. This was the house we would shoot our last two scenes. The first, a female painter/decorator… of course the look of this campaign is to involve every day people, doing their every day job. Therefore the makeup brief was to keep makeup looking fresh, natural and clean but camera ready. The second, was a male cleaner, which again meant touch ups and tidies from me.

Once we were all happy with the shots we had collected, we were able to pack up and bring the shoot to a close. Overall I had a really fun day with the Airtasker team, Hugo, and the community members who took part. The Airtasker campaign is now on various platforms and stations around London underground, keep your eyes peeled!

Click here to view a few more images from the Airtasker shoot.

Thanks for reading,

Ella X